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that I don't want to be feeling.

I have to write a short lesson plan for teaching in a non-English language, which is fine, but makes me nervous for tomorrow. It's all a learning experience and it'll be the first time that I teach in a language that my students can't understand (or at least, the first time that I'll teaching in that kind of scenario). 

My best friend sent me a text about a family situation and I want to express my caring for her and concern but I'm not sure how to go about it? 

I need to clean my bathroom. Not a big deal, but with the other things on my mind, it feels like another thing to worry about in this mini-mountain of things. 

Okay. I'm gonna do things now. I think. Once I'm on a roll, it'll be easier to do things and the anxiety will hopefully ease a little.


Jun. 19th, 2016 10:10 pm
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 I dragged my ass into completing these readings and postings and analysis assignments. I finished all my requisite postings for this week, still have to at least skim 80 pages of reading, and get a brief break tonight and then I gotta jump right back in tomorrow for next week's readings and assignments. And I can't afford any delays next week because of real life college things.

Guuuurl, why did you do this to yourself? Summer classes just put extra pressure on you to be the school year you. And frankly, after a school year like this last one, you deserve a break. Anyway. 

Finally resolved four windows into three with many less tabs squeezed in and with one "workstation" window and two "play" windows. After you finish your readings, I'm gonna treat you to a Grey's Anatomy two episode binge. You got that?

Aight. Peace, self. 

P.S. Check out this 8tracks playlist, "Starchild," one of many that I call on when studying.


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