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 (Goddamn it, I pressed backspace by accident and all my unsaved text disappeared.)

To continue...THAT FEELING WHEN you stumble across a Naruto fic ft. a badass, time-traveling, friendship-forging Sakura emblazoned with a cover art that is simplistic and yet oh so fucking gorgeous. Maybe I'm easily impressed (jk no no I'm not), but it's the best damn Naruto thing that I've read in ages. If by ages, you mean, in like, a week. Okay, so I've been spending my week of freedom with lots of fic. Nothing wrong with that, even if to my real life parents it seems like I'm lazing about. 

I was even going to skip over this fic because I felt pretty meh about the summary (now that I've read the fic, the summary makes so much sense), but something about this cover art haunted me. So I kept the tab open. This is a feat because I'm the kraken of the most-tabs-you've-ever-seen-in-a-window species, and sometimes I never return to old tabs. Here, have a look yourself:

Portrait split in half: one half, mysterious ANBU mask, other half, Sakura Haruno's gorgeous face.
I am such a fan of these covers, especially when done well. Even though the two faces here aren't perfectly aligned, there's still something about this portrait that strikes at my soul, probably the smoothness of the blank ANBU mask. Honestly, this probably harkens back to my childhood love for Disney's Mulan (1998) VHS tape cover, despite the mixed feelings I have about the actual movie. See below for comparison:

Disney Mulan (1998) VHS tape cover

Even if you are not so easily impressed by covers (but let me tell you right now how difficult it is to craft a good one), GO READ THIS FIC. It's so worth your time (and reviews)!


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