Aug. 3rd, 2016

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 which got delayed by my inevitable plunge into sleeping in late. 

I did get a really great sleep last night, though, so there's something to be said for exercising. 

I'm reading up on how to get into shape because I never got around to learning how and by the time I actually took this thing called exercise seriously, I'd already forgotten everything I'd learned remotely about it from 9th grade gym. So yes, these days I'm trying this novel thing called walking. Still working up to the tremendous milestone that is waking up early and then going walking before the heat sets in, but hey, I'm a work in progress, okay?

Besides my awakening to the importance of exercise, also trying to get the rest of my errands done this week (& then packing, oh god, the h o r r o r s of packing), things I'm trying to get done include: making a cover for a playlist using my very rudimentary aka practically non-existent GIMP skills, listening to Jamila Woods' album HEAVN which is so far turning out to be my wisest commitment yet, catching up to the latest #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast (I am still like six episodes behind), writing a fic for which I have the first line on a Google Doc, finishing all my library books before I have to return them this weekend, creating that weebly for fic recs (really more as a thing for myself more than anything), etc. 

There's probably more out there, but I can't seem to scrounge up any of those runaway thoughts. 

LOL IS EVERYTHING I WROTE ABOUT LATELY HAS IN SOME WAY CONNECTED TO FIC aka things I notice while trying to hammer out a proper tag system


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